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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Romance, Romance?..of Course Italy

One of the most romantic cities in the world, it just oozes romance. This is a place of fine food, where people honor and love eating. Where eating is an art, not just something to do. It is a city of history and character with natural beauty. Art and more art, a place where you can't see it all in a one week vacation, and then just can't wait to go back to experience it all over again. It is one of those places that people return again and again, just to get that feeling of Italy all over again.

Italy is a marvelous honeymoon destination; so romantic, just to say the name it brings up visions of romance. Whether you stay in a large city, go into the villages, walk the narrow streets, go to Rome, or visit the Alps; all of Italy leads to wine, food and camaraderie with the locals and/or other visitors, the general atmosphere is of visiting and getting to know one another and to just enjoy life, no hurry, no bustling around; slow and savor life.
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Fifty percent of Italy is mountainous, so the farmers have been very creative in creating land that can be farmed. They have taken cliffs and terraced them into farmland; it is original, breathtaking and beautiful.

Many visit Italy for the religious sites and many abound in all of Italy, to visit them all on a one week vacation would be a tremendous stretch, so I am sure this is why people return time after time so they can eventually visit them all. Don't forget the water canals and taking a ride in a gondola with a singing maestro to enchant you on cool summer night. Can it get any better than this.

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