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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Find Different Ways To Keep Your Family Happy

Life's tough when you're a work-at-home mom. Not only are you running the household, but you also have to manage work. On top of that, you must oversee your kids' homework, run all the chores, manage the household help if there's any, and generally look after the little nitty-gritty things that make up our daily lives. We understand that it might get too much, and that sooner or later, you'll find yourself screaming silently and pounding walls, when your family's not happy with your efforts.
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However, there are ways to reach compromise, and to ensure that everyone's satisfied.
Make good use of your parenting resources. If there's a friend in the neighbourhood with a child of the similar age, try for baby-sitting, for a few hours. You can take her kid one day of the week, both kids can play with each other, and she does the same, for another day of the week. This leaves you free for some time, to deal with pending chores and other kinds of work. You must give your children quality time. It's all very well that your work-at-home job supplements the family income, but you shouldn't let it interfere with your children's needs. Spend time with your kids - read to them, play games with them, and talk to them about their day. It's not important what you do, or how much time you spend - what counts is being with them, when they need you, and even when they don't need you.

You need to demonstrate your love and affection.
Set aside time for your husband- give him priority. Do things together as a couple- a happy marriage can light up a home, and it will help your children's overall well-being too. Go for walks when you're free, cook dinner together, and spend time together when the kids have gone to bed.

Ensure that family travel is done - it's a must - the family that travels together, stays together. You see, it's not necessary to travel to Paris or Switzerland, or other such exotic locales- sometimes you could just take a weekend off, head to some place on the outskirts, a simple location can work wonders too. What counts is that your family is together, and doing things together. Keep your work at arm's length during that holiday, ensure that work-related calls and emails do not interrupt you. We'd recommend that you finish all pending work before heading out, upon the vacation- that way, you won't be worrying about that document you didn't finish, or the deadline you didn't meet.

Shopping together is important as well- retail therapy always works. Take your children along - they can help in the selection of girls' clothing and boys' clothing. If you have an older child, and have a baby as well, your older kid can help you with buying the baby products. Take your children's suggestions, and this is also a good way you can teach him about fundamental parenting. If and when money permits, buy something nice for the family. That LCD-screen TV might be just a tad expensive, but haven't your children been really supportive all throughout, helping with chores and doing their own homework? Give occasional rewards, to keep everyone happy.