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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Get A Fake IP Address On Iphone & Ipad

Get A Fake IP Address On Iphone & IpadIt's easy to use a fake IP address on iPhone and iPad, but you need to know what you need the fake IP for. Though the methods of getting this fake IP are few, the reasons to use it are many. I'll assume that everything you want to do with the fake IP is LEGAL, because if you use legitimate services to do illegitimate activities, you WILL get caught. Here are some perfectly OK reasons to use a virtual, or 'fake' IP address on iOS devices.

Why Fake Your IP Address?


Using your real IP means you use your real identity. But it's no ones business what you do online, just like it's no ones business what you do IRL. The problem is that there are lots of technology in place that allows your ISP, other websites, your government, and even other users to view your stats or more. Using an anonymous IP means that you get privacy online.


Again, using an anonymous means that you won't be able to be seen by 3rd parties. Only you and the sites you browse know your location. What happens is that if you use a shared network, it's easy to intercept you data when other users can see that you're on the network. By erasing your IP from the network and replacing it with a fake IP form another network, you reduce the risk of being an easy target for malicious activity online.

Unblock Sites

Sometimes your own network restrictions will prevent you from surfing some websites. Sometimes websites will block you for different reasons. Changing your IP address means that you can choose your IP location, and get an approved IP address to access these blocked sites.

Methods of Changing IP


Proxies are popular because they're fast (to use), easy, and free. But like fast, easy, and free women, there are certain risks involved. Don't confuses being a quick solution to IP problems as a quick connection. In fact, proxies are frequently bogged down with tons of people signed into the server, thus reducing your internet speed.


I prefer VPNs because they're a more exclusive way to change IP. The fake IP address from VPN a connection is from a private network of servers outside your own local network. The network is maintained to keep out malicious and abusive users. You get to choose your country and your level of security too.

For iPhone and iPad

Users interested in a quick and easy way to change IP on iOS should use PPTP. It's easy to install, uses very little bandwidth, and sometimes comes at a discount because it's very popular and frequently used. For those interested in the security and privacy side of fake IPs should use L2TP on iPhone and iPad. It has improved data encryption and VPN tunneling protocols.

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