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Friday, October 12, 2018

Baby Travel Tips

Baby Travel TipsChristmas is approaching...The festive season often involves visiting relatives and hence the word "Travel", which on itself is alright but put next to the word "baby", that can mean things get a tiny bit more complicated...or certainly less practical. So here are a few tips and a tick list as to how to keep (you and) your baby relaxed when travelling without you requiring an extra pair of arms or a mule for the excess of baggage.

1st, transporting your baby:
If your baby is younger than 15 months, you might opt for a baby carrier: which maintains a bond between your little one and yourself. However past a certain weight, it is definitely preferable to use a buggy. Strollers are ideal for going on holidays as they are the lightest pushchairs available -so that's especially good for public transport. If you're mostly going to use a car, then a good idea is to go for a baby Travel system which includes a detachable baby car seat to a pushchair base. For other baby car accessories, Hello Baby advises having a look at Sunshine Kids line of products -which are pretty functional.

Be prepared for all baby needs (critical point!)
So now that you can actually transport your baby, you obviously have to worry about how to keep him/ her happy. Without oversimplifying babies, I would sum up the problem in 4 words: food-potty-goodie-nap. So first, it is always helpful to have some of his favourite snacks and plenty of water or some milk at hand (perhaps involving a bottle insulator), together with some toys that particularly retain his attention and interest. As for the toiletry issue: of course nappies are not to be forgotten (in which case a baby changing mat could help) but from the age of 9-10 months, a Travel potty is just *indispensable*. Nap time is important, so try not to go on too long a day out. Also different baby Travel cots exist that are easily transportable and can provide your baby with a cosy place to sleep when on holidays.

Adapt your rhythm to your baby's
If you're going on a day out, remember that too many sounds and sights may be slightly overwhelming for your little toddler, hence it is good to adapt your rhythm to your kid's.

Baby Travel safety
When travelling it is good practice to always carry a first aid kit -or a few elements of it. And depending on where you are going to stay, it may be worth bringing a few drawer/ cupboard/ fridge locks: they are usually very light products -in which the Clippasafe brand specialises, although Prince Lionheart products are doing quite well too.

Find that bag to put everything in...

And to find stuff (i.e. a light one with a few pockets and zips; some baby changing bags actually do the job quite well).

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