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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cheap Hotels in New York City

There are plenty of cheap hotels in New York City and the reasons for this are quite obvious. First and foremost New York is one of the number one cities in the world that practically everybody wants to visit before they die. As a result, investors have to take advantage of this market. Secondly, there are so many hotels scrambling for the clientele that competition has to bring down prices. Below are some of the great hotels you can stay at for cheap in New York City.

 Hotel Carter
 This is located in a very advantageous central area in the Theatre District region. Whether you are here on business or leisure, you will be in the heart of the city. You will have the least hassle getting to the Penn Plaza Pavilion and the Times Square is a walking distance away.
 Everywhere in the hotel is air conditioned and you have a spacious elevator to every floor. If you need a shuttle to the airport then these are also available from the hotel. There is also a bar and lounge that you can relax in if you do not feel like leaving the hotel.
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 Hotel La Quinta Manhattan
 This is also another favorite for travellers looking for a cheap but nice hotel. It is located in Midtown West and is close to a majority of the major attractions of New York City. You can easily get to the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Grand central Station. The interior of the hotel has enough to give you everything you need for those who do not love to leave their hotels. You have gift shops, a cafe and a bar/lounge. There is also a fitness center for those who cannot afford to break their lifestyle routines.

 The Jane Hotel
 The Jane hotel has been in the Chic West village of Manhattan since 1908 and has managed to keep up with the changing times without totally letting go of its rich history. This is used to be lodging for sailors and thus the rooms were made to resemble the cabins in a ship. Right from the moment you step outside the front door you are met with Manhattans buzzing life of shopping, strolling through Hudson River Park and much more. There is no fitness center but being right across the street from Hudson River Park, you can rent their bikes and go for a nice ride.

 The Edison Hotel
 The Edison Hotel is a favorite to many due to its affordability and location in Broadway. You will be right at the Times Square region which is where a majority of tourists like to be. From there, you are just a few steps away from world famous spots like Times Square, Broadway and the Rockefeller

 In the Edison hotel you will find enough necessities to keep you satisfied if you do not want to go out into the city. You have your shops, gym and bar/lounge.

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