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Thursday, September 20, 2018

5 Tips for Writing Outstanding Blog Titles

5 Tips for Writing Outstanding Blog TitlesThinking about launching a blog? Even if you already run an online retail shop, Googles algorithms now demand for shops to maintain a regular blog.

Even without a shop, blogging is now one of the most lucrative ways to earn an income online. Although, like many ventures, this will require a lot of work.

The problem is how do you bring in more people to check out your blog?

The key answer is to grab their attention. Titles and headlines are the first things they see before checking out the content. Here are some tips to show you how to make a good title.

1. Write More Than One Title

To start, have more than one working title.

This gives you a spectrum of options to choose from in seeing which of these would work best for your blog title. It is the first thing that readers will see, so plan carefully.

Come up with about three to five headings and write them down in a pad or notebook. Handwriting them can give you a perspective on those words and probably help you see them in a new light.

Always remember that compelling titles are easy to understand, make perfect sense in the article, and it informs and entices people to read on.

2. Ensure Accuracy on the Title

When it comes to making a good title, accuracy sets clear expectations for the readers.

While you are aiming for a title that can catch attention, you need to have the information and content to back that title up. Accuracy and getting straight to point are among the top technical writing tips you should never forget.

As a note for making a good title, it has to convey accurate facts while catching their attention. Having important information that conveys what, where, when, who, and why should inform your readers.

This way, your readers will read through it without feeling duped or deceived. The quality content will do the rest as it leaves your readers to come back for more.

3. Keep the Title Short

While on the note about accuracy, it is true that we need the facts on the title. Making it concise would help your creative blog title more. By being concise and brief, you not only catch attention with it, you make it easier for the post to rank well in searches.

With short titles, the posts are easier to scan through and share. A good suggestion for this is to have your title be under 70 characters. With social media platforms like Twitter having as much as 140 characters per tweet, shorter titles make it easier to circulate.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your titles are easier to digest when shortened. Run it in your head if it sounds right and has everything you want to convey.

4. Have Important Words and Terms

Having important words first in your blog title enables people (and bots) to notice your post amidst the clutter among the search results. Not only that, but search engine bots find your post far easier by giving importance to the words at the beginning of phrases.

Also, remember to use the terms that people will tend to search. By putting these on your title, they can act as keywords to make your post visible and easier to surface at the top search results. Some keyword research may help you optimize your blog posts, like the ones offered by Improz Marketing.

5. Be Creative with the Title

A creative blog title has to be accurate, but it also has to be capable of hooking in your audience. Let your imagination work with you as guidelines on how to make a good title are not set in stone. You can put some personality and pomp into your titling, in case a straightforward title doesnt do justice.

Entice Your Readers with Eye-Catching Blog Titles!

The point of the title is to grab the readers attention. By piquing their interest, your blog title works as an appetizer to the main course. They will respond to you by reading through, and either sharing the article to others or even leave comments.

While tricky to pull off, the reward for knowing how to write a good title is always worth the effort.

Did you find this post helpful? We have more tips that you can check out, like this one about strategies to promote your content.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

5 Smart Gift Ideas Your Significant Other Will Love

5 Smart Gift Ideas Your Significant Other Will LoveLooking for the perfect gift? Want to make your loved one smile and bring joy into their life? If so, go shopping ahead of time!

The holiday season is around the corner. Fortunately, its not too late to find a great gift. From books and clothing items to jewelry, there are plenty of smart gift ideas available.

In 2013, 63 percent of customers offered electronics to their loved ones. If your significant other loves gadgets, this could be an option.

For fashion addicts, a new pair of sneakers or a watch will do the trick. You can also buy motivational books or a classic leather notebook.

Need inspiration? Check out these smart gift ideas for your loved one:

Gift Cards

When youre not sure what to buy, you cant go wrong with gift cards. Just think about what your spouse loves, whether its sports, tech, or cooking.

Nowadays, gift cards are all the rage. In 2015, about 93 percent of Americans have either received or sent one.

With a gift card, your loved one can choose their own gift. For instance, he or she can use the card to order products online or get a free massage.

A Personalized Mug

What can be more refreshing than drinking your coffee from a mug that says I love you? Your spouse will feel cherished and appreciated.

Depending on your budget, you can either buy a personalized mug or create one yourself.

If youre short on money, purchase a cheap mug, write a message on it, and bake it for 30 minutes. This way, the design wont fade or scratch off.

A Cigar Humidor

Does your hubby love cigars? Get him a Travel humidor!

This cool device will protect his favorite cigars. On top of that, its super classy and portable. The best models are made of durable ABS molded plastic to protect against moisture.

A Smartwatch

Smartwatches are functional and stylish. Depending on the model, they enable users to check their emails, listen to music, or get directions. Some work just as a wearable computer.

If you can afford it, choose a high-end smartwatch with FM radio, touchscreen, and a digital camera. Look for handy features, such as calorie tracking and GPS.

A Quality Blanket

Blankets are a fantastic gift for those who are always a little chilly. Pick one thats made of organic wool or cotton.

Synthetic fibers dont allow moisture to escape. They also tend to attract static electricity. Natural fabrics, on the other hand, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Where to Look for Smart Gift Ideas

The gifts listed above are available both online and in stores. If you buy online, you can save a fortune.

Online stores have lower costs and greater product variety. Just make sure you check the sizes when shopping for clothes and shoes.

Compare prices from different stores and read customer reviews. Check the product features and materials. Ideally, look for retailers that offer a money back guarantee.

Do you have any smart gift ideas to share? Whats your favorite source of inspiration? Share your tips below!

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Monday, September 17, 2018

5 Reasons Why Restraining Issues are Ordered

5 Reasons Why Restraining Issues are OrderedThere are a variety of reasons one would request a restraining order and in a divorce action, they are more common than you might think. In most jurisdictions, parties are entitled to a restraining order if there are 2-3 events, the most recent of which must have been within a recent proximity to filing your request for a TRO. You are unlikely to receive a restraining order if the incident for which you are complaining occurred last year or even 6 months ago. The court is looking for proximity of time as it relates to the event and skeptical of a request for a TRO regarding a stale allegation. Here is the hypotheses: You must not be that afraid if you waited "x" amount of time. Common conduct that usually will give rise to a restraining order is: Any type of physical violence, threats of physical violence, death threats, stalking and following, harassment and even emotional abuse that places a reasonable person in fear of their safety. Restraining orders are usually granted on a temporary basis pending a full evidentiary hearing or trial. Once the factors have been proven (beyond a reasonable doubt in most jurisdictions), a permanent order will be granted from one to five years, for example. In a divorce action, they enter the scene in a variety of ways:

1. File Temporary Restraining Order first: A married couple get into a domestic altercation. This might involve physical violence or verbal threats, but whatever the case, a restraining order may be the first document filed by the victim spouse. Once a restraining order is filed, it triggers a series of events involving hearings and court orders. If there are children, it will also trigger a custody action in most jurisdictions.

2. File Temporary Restraining Order Once Action is Filed: Often a previously civil couple will need a restraining order after they have filed for divorce. Divorce actions bring about intense, emotional feelings that can cause people to behave in uncharacteristic ways. Sometimes domestic violence, threats and stalking behavior will ensue once a divorce action is filed initiated by a disgruntled, jealous or unhappy spouses.

3. File Temporary Restraining Order Once Case Has Concluded: Again, any little incident can escalate into an argument or fight. Sometimes couples will behave normally throughout the duration of the divorce litigation and the matter might even conclude. However, at some point in the future a new incident occurs (whether it is related to child custody, money or a new girl/boyfriend) that creates new conflict. If emotions are high and parties are unable to manage their anger, it may give rise to conduct leading to a restraining order.

4. Involuntary Restraining Order: Sometimes, however a restraining order will ensue even if neither party has requested one and begins as a protective order (an emergency form of a restraining order issued by the police). This occurs when there are children involved and a violent event occurs in the presence of the minors. It is assumed that parents who perpetuate domestic violence are placing their children in danger and typically the perpetrator will find him or herself on supervised visitation if they have assaulted the other parent in the presence of children. On the flip side, the state (or Child Protective Services/Department of Health and Human Services) will actually require the victim parent to file a restraining order (protective orders usually have an extremely short duration). If the victim parent does NOT file a restraining order, it is assumed that that parent is placing their children in danger by "failing to protect" them from the perpetrator. The restraining order, while just a piece of paper, is meant to protect both parent and child(ren) from future abuse until the perpetrator has participated in parenting classes, anger management and/or drug and substance abuse counseling, for example, or whatever might be ordered by the court. As you can see, this type of TRO may arise in an otherwise intact family that is not contemplating divorce at all.

5. Unmarried Couples: A restraining order may also be filed amongst un-married couples if the legal requirements are met.

The penalties and consequences of having a restraining order are surely harsh. All TRO's go into a centralized law enforcement tracking system to alert police to the existence of a current TRO. Therefore, if you are pulled over for a simple traffic violation, your TRO is visible for law enforcement to see. Furthermore, you may be restricted from going to the places you used to frequent if the protected party is there causing a burden upon you to avoid violating the TRO at all cost. This situation is compounded by the existence of children, custody orders and how to navigate around the orders when there is regular contact with an ex-spouse without violating those orders.

Regardless of the reason a temporary restraining order was initiated, only three pieces of advice can be offered: (1) If you are the victim of domestic violence, do everything you can to protect yourself and your children because there is no excuse for this type of treatment. (2) If you have an anger problem, watch your temper and aggression and avail yourself to the many programs out there designed to help men and women manage hostility. But on the flip side, (3) Understand that a false application for a restraining order based upon false information is considered perjury which may constitute a felony in most states.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

5 Promotion Ideas For Travel Blog Success

5 Promotion Ideas For Travel Blog SuccessRunning a successful Travel blog is the dream.

But, and a surprising number of Travel bloggers overlook this, running a successful Travel blog takes a lot more than just traveling.

You need to treat it like a real business. After all, thats what it is.

If you remember that, though youll have to work hard for months or even a full year, youll find Travel blog success.

Lets look at five ways you can promote your Travel blog and make more money.

1. Create Lots of Good Content

This may sound obvious, but pushing out content is one of the best ways to get readers to your site.

Theres a fine line between writing good Travel blog posts and not so good Travel blog posts.

As you write about your own Travel experiences, you have to be careful about focusing on them too much.

Again, that sounds a little counterproductive. Just remember, people want to be entertained, but they also want information, and most of all, they want both those things to be relatable. They want to see your Travel blog and think I can do that too.

2. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for other blogs puts you in front of a large crowd of new readers.

When you write a guest post, you can find a large blog that has an audience already interested in the topics you write about. Guest blogs also include a bio in which you can put a link to your site.

You should also look into inviting guests to write for your blog as well. These are both great ways to get new traffic quickly.

3. Host a Contest

This is a fun way to get Travel blog success. It gets your readers excited, and it makes you feel good.

You have to spend some time building up to the contest. If you can, find some sponsors who can promote your contest for you. That will open the contest to a whole new crowd.

You can also make sharing your blog post on other social media a required part of entering, which will bring new readers to your blog.

You can even charge a joining cost and make a bit of money while youre at it.

4. Comment on Other Blogs

Engaging with your readers (or potentially new readers) can be a huge win for Travel blog success.

Try looking at the comments on different blogs someday. You will be able to easily tell who is an authority in the Travel blogging industry.

Commenting on other posts will show people youre active and also that youre an authority too, which can attract new readers to your blog. Comments are also a great way to see what your audience is talking about.

5. Be Persistent and Be Different

Dont do what everyone else is doing. If youre writing about the same things everyone else is writing about in the same perspective, readers arent going to find your interesting.

If everyone is writing about their travels in Europe, go to Africa. If everyone is writing 500-word blog posts, try making some videos.

Offer your readers something new. Let them see a unique vacation (If you want a good example of a unique vacation, click here). Theyll remember you and keep coming back.

Never Give Up on Your Travel Blog Success!

Writing a Travel blog is hard work, but the only way to get it done is to do it. The only way to get Travel blog success it to keep trying things, to find what works for you, and to never give up.

Youll make it!

If youre looking for something new to post to your blog, go check out all the ways creative content can benefit you!

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

5 Most Shocking Meth Lab Explosions in History

5 Most Shocking Meth Lab Explosions in HistoryBreaking Bad aired its finale in 2013. Youd think that after it brought the grisly details of the meth business to the forefront of Americas consciousness, use would start to decline.

Unfortunately, the manufacture of this deadly drug continues, and it continues to claim the lives not only of those who are addicted to the drug, but those who make it.

Unlike weed, theres nothing funny or entertaining about crystal meth.

Meth lab explosions are a tragic but all-too-common experience. Heres a chilling look at some of the worst ones:

1. Locke, NY, 2014

Nine people in Upstate New York were charged in connection with the death of a man who died from injuries he sustained during a meth lab explosion. Four of the individuals arrested by the Cayuga County District Attorneys office were related to the victim, 47-year-old Shawn Perrault.

Authorities say that Perrault was actively cooking the methamphetamine in a mobile home when an explosion set the home, as well as a nearby barn, on fire. Perrault sustained major injuries, from which he died nine days later.

Perhaps most tragic of all? Three children were in the mobile home at the time of the incident.

2. Evansville, IN, 2011

In one of the worst meth lab explosions in recent history, three people were injured and two killed when a private home blew up. Two neighboring houses were also damaged and had to undergo hazmat cleanup, while the house in question had to be leveled,

In addition to the two fatalities and three adults who were injured, a child was also taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A neighbor who witnessed the explosion stated, You felt it over your whole body  through your bones.

3. Milton, FL, 2004

Heather Raybon is among the most notorious victims of meth lab explosions. She suffered severe, disfiguring facial burns during the initial incident, and has since undergone a number of plastic surgeries. Nevertheless, her face remains a shocking testament to the dangers of cooking methamphetamine.

Raybon was arrested several times after the explosion, once in 2009 for a traffic violation, and again in 2011 when police raided a trailer on a warrant for her alleged boyfriend, William Hindall.

Hindall, 30, and Raybon were both charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession of felony drug equipment and possession of chemicals necessary to manufacture the substance.

4. Lakeland, FL, 2012

In one of the most alarming meth lab explosions, a driver was killed while attempting to make meth inside his moving vehicle. The body of 36-year-old Clifford Ellison was found inside his overturned car, along with evidence of a mobile, shake-and-bake meth kit.

This method of creating the illegal drug involves mixing chemicals in a bottle, then shaking it. In Ellisons case, the result was an explosion that drove shards of glass into his neck, killing him and causing the car accident.

5. Allegan, MI, 2011

Dennis Letts had been burned once before while attempting to manufacture meth, but a second incident frightened him into sobriety.

The explosion set Letts, then 28, on fire after throwing him 17 feet. He then burned for an estimated 90 seconds before a friend doused the flames with a fire extinguisher.

The skin on his chest, arms, and face, he later said, was melting like hot wax.

Meth Lab Explosions Can Be Stopped

There are many dangers associated with crystal meth, both its manufacture and its use. To learn more about actions you can take to create drug-free communities, visit the Community of Anti-Drug Coalitions of America website.

And if someone you love has a problem with addiction to meth or any other drug, please urge them to get help through rehab. There is hope!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

5 DIY Ways to Get Rid of Pests From Your Home

5 DIY Ways to Get Rid of Pests From Your Homeas="k
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yuhvn e er h famous clock chime, New Years Eve will be your last chancefr while. The clockwl tieaanfrte rttm in months at the stroke of midnight, and then will go silent again (no word yet on whethero o twl ciefrthe rylwdig)/p
>Ofcurse, tht o ll.
wooll--aaoossLondonn NewwYears  vv fireworks  iippaa iillaass  aae  llcc  iieettyybbhhnn Bii Bee..FFrrbbss eeuutt,,ttyytt score  ooeettcceess or simply bookka  uuuuyyhhttllaaddwwtcch  hh  hhwwffoo a  aacooyy</> But all true partygoers know that the fun really only starts at midnight!

Book an all-night boat cruise along the Thames river, ride the Ferris Wheel to see the city from above, or even skate with your family and friends at the Canary Wharf Ice Rink.

Looking for a hotel in London? Weve got you covered.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

London not your thing? Looking for New Years Eve parties that are a bit less crowded, but certainly no less fun and wild?

If so, then you just have to get to Edinburgh. Spend NYEs day partaking in what the Scots call Hogmanay, the festival commemorating the last day of 2017.

Youll be treated to countless musical acts, street performances, and much more. Youll even likely learn a few steps of the traditional Scottish ceilidh dance (but dont worry, no kilts are required to partake.)

There are parades, wonderful opportunities for street food, and even superior shopping. When its time for the clock to strike twelve, we suggest that you and your loved ones steal a spot on top of Carton Hill. Youll be able to watch all the action from a high point thats far less crowded than the Scottish streets.

Want to start the year off right?

If so, be sure to check out the annual Dogmanay Bobsled Race, and place bets on your favorite pets!

3. Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver party scene is becoming more and more popular around the globe and its New Years Eve parties definitely make it easy to see why.

Were especially excited about the elegant but never stuffy atmosphere of the Commodore Ballroom. The newly-renovated ballroom has boasted some of historys most famous performers over the years, including Cab Calloway, Sammy Davis, Jr., and the iconic Tina Turner among others.

But no matter what type of music youre into, the Commodore Ballrooms New Years Eve parties will have something for everyone. Theyll also help you to stave off that infamous New Years Day hangover by providing you with world-renowned food that will keep you energized all night long.

Want something a little bit different?

If so, be sure to try out Vancouvers premiere sushi restaurant and event space, Hapa Izakaya. Feast on udon, tempura, prawns, and much more until the sun comes up.

If you want to keep your New Years Eve parties more on the private side, then be sure to contact them about booking a closed room. You can also head up to the rooftop to take in some art along with your cocktail, and dance until the sun comes up.

4. New York, USA

Of course, no list of the worlds best New Years Eve parties would be complete without a mention of New York City.

However, what you might not know is that there are far more things to the city that never sleeps than the famous ball drop in Times Square.

Looking for something with a little bit more of a local flavor? Take advantage of NYCs reputation for International cuisine by heading over to the National Ukrainian Home Restaurant.

Youll be able to order bottles of vodka, eat home-cooked cabbage and pies, and get to know the friendly locals in an authentic setting. Then, wander over to one of NYCs epic speakeasy bars, like Please Dont Tell, which is disguised as a hot dog shop.

Be sure to make your reservation ahead of time, however, because youll need to know the secret code in order to get in! Go ahead and order the waffles fries and bacon cheeseburger when you arrive.

After all, your New Years weight loss goals can be put off for one more day.

Attend the Worlds Most Epic New Years Eve Parties

Thanks to this list, you can now experience the most famous New Years Eve parties in the world, exactly like the locals do.

What are your resolutions for this year, and how do you plan to actually see them through past January? Let us know in the comments section below.

Looking for more tips on how to make the most out of the new year? Want to upgrade your wardrobe or beauty routine so that this will be your most knockout year ever?

Spend some time on our website and blogs to score the best in luxury Travel tips, beauty products, fashion news, and of course, celebrity lifestyles.

We cant wait to hear all about how you had the best New Years Eve of your life.

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5 Content Creation Ideas for Your B2B Blog

5 Content Creation Ideas for Your B2B BlogHave you started a blog for your B2B company yet?

If not, youre already way behind your competition.

In fact, brands that have a blog enjoy nearly 100% more inbound links than those that do not. Further, over 60% of consumers say that theyve made a purchase or decided to work with a company as a direct result of spending time on that companys blog.

Of course, the real issue comes not when you decide to start a blog, but rather how youre actually going to keep it going. Lets get real: its incredibly easy to run out of steam when it comes to generating fresh ideas and content thats actually helpful to your readers.

However, if you want to increase your conversions and build your brand recognition, blogging is essential.

In this post, were sharing with you a few of our most effective content creation ideas.

1. Put Your Readers To The Test

As a B2B business, you already know that the products and services you offer will help your clients to grow their influence, serve more customers, and potentially shave serious time and stress off of their workdays.

The only problem?

Your target market often has absolutely no idea what it is they need from you, or which products/services of yours would be the most helpful to them.

So, how can you help your clients to determine exactly how you can assist them, without making your content feel like a hard sell?

Instead of doing a post breaking down your specific services, create a quiz that your readers can take to funnel them towards something thats actually going to change the way they do business.

Think multiple choice questions relating to their client volume, business goals, annual revenue, pain points, and more.

Getting readers actively engaged with your content, instead of providing them with yet another listicle, is one way to increase your conversions.

2. Interview Your Employees

Blame it on the millennial market all you want, but these days, most consumers and businesses are only interested in working with companies that they feel like they know personally.

However, whether due to time or Travel constraints, youre not always going to be able to meet your clients or your dream clients in person.

One of our favorite content creation ideas that aim to build that in person connection over the Internet?

Running interviews/profiles of your individual employees. While it might be tempting to start from the top, you want to communicate to your target market that youve vetted everyone at your company, from your delivery guy to your top producer.

Be sure to include educational histories, hobbies, how long theyve been with your company, and even a few pictures.

This kind of transparency helps to create a strong sense of trust between you and the businesses you want to work with. Plus, your employees will certainly appreciate being shown that you value them!

3. Create An Advice Column

Creating a business advice column isnt just one of our top content creation ideas. Its also an incredible way to get to know your clients on a deeper level, keep them coming back to your site, and find out exactly what their needs are so that your company can address them.

For example, lets say you provide commercial cleaning services to local businesses. A prospective client may write into your advice column, asking how to deal with a paint drip that spilled on the new office floor over the weekend.

You can provide some DIY options, and promote your own services in the process.

If youre a company selling spray booths, then you can advise potential clients about the types of finishing systems or mobile prep stations they may need. You can then embed a link to your free quote internal page anywhere in your content.

4. Offer An Opinion On Industry News

As a business owner, you might have been warned against expressing your opinions in the past.

And while businesses these days want to work with companies that arent afraid to take a moral stand, you still dont have to talk politics or religion on your blog.

Instead, add your voice to the mix when it comes to recent hot topics in your industry.

For example, if you work in the paper supply industry, you could write an opinion piece about whether or not you buy into the idea that snail mail is really on its way out (and were guessing you dont.)

Luckily, the news cycle of any industry has a notoriously quick turnaround time, so you wont be strapped for ideas for long.

5. Be A Statistic

Opinion pieces certainly have their time and place. However, as a business yourself, you know that the number one topic other companies are really interested in is how something is going to impact their bottom line.

Numbers and statistics AKA the cold, hard facts are often the most effective way to get your point across and prove your expertise in your field at the same time.

Start by doing a little research on the data within your industry. Then, include those statistics in your blog post, and explain what you think may have impacted those numbers.

Remember, data and statistics are highly sharable, so get ready to go viral!

Which Of These Content Creation Ideas Will You Use?

While content creation ideas might seem intimidating at first, we hope this list has made you feel like coming up with engaging, on-brand content for your B2B blog is entirely possible.

Of course, theres still one question left:

What are you going to do once youve tried all of the ideas on this list?

For that, were here to help. Spend some time on our website and blog to get continued access to the hottest digital marketing trends, content creation strategies, and even social media tips and tricks.

Make 2018 the year you leave your competition in the dust, and commit to getting your business to where it needs to be.

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